Microformats for books

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Microformats for books

I keep a list of books I have read on this site. I've started linking to individual pages marked up with microformats. This started with a session at IndieWebcamp 2015 in Portland.

Since then I've implemented it on my site and played round with it a bit to match my needs so I though I would document it.

Say I own a copy of Without Fear of Wind or Vertigo, by Vorts Viljandi, here is how it would look:

Without Fear of Wind or Vertigo

Vorts Viljandi
Translator: John Lambert

Imaginary Press 1977
Paperback, 120 pages
ISBN: 9780000000000

LCC: PT5881.24.O55V6513
Dewey Decimal: 839.31364
German, Literature, Literature in Dutch or Flemish , Literature in other Germanic languages

Language: English
Original Language: Dutch
European Literary Prize for Best Fictional Novel,

#False personation, #Detective and mystery stories, #Amnesia, #Fiction, #Fictional Books

and here is the markup:

<div class='h-item book'>

<h2 class='p-name booktitle'>Without Fear of Wind or Vertigo</h2>

<p class='h-authors'>

<span class='p-author p-primaryauthor h-card'>Vorts Viljandi</span><br>

Translator: <span class='p-author p-translator h-card'>John Lambert</span><br>


<p class='h-publication'>

<span class='p-brand p-publisher'>Imaginary Press</span>

<span class='dt-date'>1977</span><br>

<span class='p-format'>Paperback</span>, <span class='p-pages'>120</span> pages<br>

ISBN: <span class='u-uid p-isbn2'>9780000000000</span><br>


<p class='h-catalog'>

LCC: <span class='p-lcc' rel='category'>PT5881.24.O55V6513</span>

<br><span class='h-ddc' rel='category'>

Dewey Decimal: <span class='p-code'>839.31364</span>

<br>span class='p-wording'>Literature in Dutch or Flemish </span>,

<span class='p-wording'>Literature in other Germanic languages </span></span></p>

<br>Language: <span class='p-language'>English</span>

<br> Original Language: <span class='p-originallanguage'>Dutch</span>

<br><span class='h-awards'><span class='p-award'>European Literary Prize for Best Fictional Novel</span>,


<p span='p-category'>#False personation, #Detective and mystery stories, #Amnesia, #Fiction, #Fictional Books</p>